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New patients should print out the forms and complete them before coming into the office for their appointments.

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Why see a foot and ankle specialist?

If a patient has heart trouble, he sees a Cardiologist; arthritis...a Rheumatologist. So if you have a foot or ankle ailment or perhaps back pains associated with walking or running ... why trust anyone other than a foot and ankle specialist?

And one of the main reasons to visit Dr. Brian Crispell: Experience

We remain on the cutting edge of advancements in the field of foot and ankle medicine and surgery. Dr. Crispell is constantly seeking new, but proven, more effective techniques to improve the quality of service he provides. Dr. Crispell works closely with family practice physicians, internists, rheumatologists, pediatricians, orthopedists, vascular surgeons and physical therapists to provide patients with the best possible care. We feel that a multidisciplinary approach is essential to achieve the desired outcome. After every visit you have with us, Dr. Crispell will send a letter to your primary detailing the results of your visit.